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Professional Musicians

“Ellen Audley has quite a wide overview of the world of string music, and it shows in her playing and teaching. Her enthusiasm for the music and for mandolin in particular is contagious.”

— Tim O’Brien, Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter (Nashville, Tennessee)
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“I have seen Ellen Audley at work. We performed together in the Mother Folkers. She is all about the integrity of the music... learning about different genres, listening and figuring out the song in its entirety on guitar and mandolin.”

“Her authenticity comes out through her fingers. Her enthusiasm is infectious. For this very reason she is a patient and consummate teacher of tasteful music. If I lived in Colorado, it would be an honor to be able to drop by and trade riffs with Ellen.”

“If I were a budding musician in Ft. Collins looking to learn more, I would look no farther than the woman who has dedicated many decades to her craft and passion.”

— Mary Flower, Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter (Portland, Oregon),
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“Ellen Audley is a master teacher of acoustic music. She has introduced student of all ages in the Fort Collins area to the joys of playing, sharing and performing.”

“Ellen lives and breathes music, and her enthusiasm and love for her students always shines through whenever I see her.”

“Ellen has helped shape the robust acoustic music scene in Northern Colorado during her many years as a teacher and performer. She has my highest recommendation!”

— Ken Seaman
| Bluegrass Patriots | Director, Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival |

Dale Bruning writing about Ellen as a teacher…

“Ellen Audley is a warm, caring people person. Her natural concern for her family and friends is obvious. Equally obvious is her genuine concern for her many students, a few of whom I've met. These students, young and old, have great respect, appreciation and affection for Ellen. She has a performance history as well as many years as an instructor. She teaches mandolin and guitar techniques that relate to various styles of playing. But mostly, she provides enrichment for her students, since that’s the whole function of music: ENRICHMENT.”

“What is apparent is her abundant curiosity about all things musical. This seems consistent with her desire to share all kinds of things musical with her students.”

“Yes, Ellen Audley is quite a talented lady, a marvelous teacher.”

— Dale Bruning, Jazz Musician, Composer, Arranger, Educator, (Longmont, Colorado)

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Dale Bruning writing about Ellen as a student…

“These last 9 or 10 years I have addressed with Ellen several subjects to help her with her musical needs. Such subjects include: sight-reading skills, exercises to refine her guitar technique; scales, arpeggios and intervals to provide insight into the fingerboard melodically; chord voicings on the fingerboard; functional harmony, chord-scale relationships; jazz repertoire; concepts and principles of improvisation; style analysis; historical perspective; brief insights into the jazz innovators, etc.”

“Ellen is indeed tenacious as a student of mine. She has had many challenges in her life, such as long hours, health issues in the family, being a mother of two children, etc. And yet when even when our studies seemed overwhelming to her comprehensive-study and practice–time wise, she has never stopped applying herself diligently to all aspects of becoming an accomplished musician. Her courage, her steadfastness, her determination, her love of music, yes, her tenacity is an inspiration to the rest of us.”

— Dale Bruning, Jazz Musician, Composer, Arranger, Educator, (Longmont, Colorado)

What Students Say

“Ellen brings an enthusiasm and love of sharing music. Her infectious joy is inspirational and her overarching ability to capture the spirit of a song and share that with a student makes for ideal learning. Ellen puts the music of your heart into your hands. As a teacher, she imparts both the structure and essence of a song and as a musician she relishes the beauty and magic of music. Aspirants, seekers and students — she is one of us, delving happily into any genre or song and delighting in the musical journey. It’s impossible to not be swept up in Ellen’s love of music.”

— Chris Denne, Guitar Student

“When I came to Ellen when I was about 9, I think. I had been taking lessons for less than a year and had just learned some basics and a couple tunes. I really had no musical direction or preference, I just wanted to play. Ellen introduced me to tons of different styles and techniques. Later she also gave me my first introduction to music theory, which I now study at university. Ellen was the perfect teacher to guide me through the first part of my musical life and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their musical horizons or improve their craft in any number of different areas.”

— Thad Bromstrup, Avant-garde classical and pop guitarist, composer and arranger

“Ellen Audley has been my mandolin and music teacher for the last several years. The amount of material that I was able to learn and truly understand is amazing. Ellen always uses songs and spreadsheets to help illustrate the concepts. She has a way of explaining everything from many different angles to get the point across. She has an extensive knowledge of too many styles of music to name, and many, many instruments as well. Ellen has a true passion for music that you can’t help but get drawn into. All of these qualities make Ellen a great teacher who will help you grow at any pace you desire!”

— Jarrod Barraza, Mandolin and music student, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
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“I never played an instrument until I picked up the mandolin at age 35 and Ellen has made it an enjoyable learning experience. I enjoy picking it up and playing music on my own at home or joining friends in a jam. She teaches you what you want to learn, not straight from a book. She will find the best way you learn and teach in the best method that works for you whether it be by ear, tab, or reading standard music notation.”

— Matt Thompson, Mandolin Student

“I have been taking lessons from Ellen Audley for several months now and every lesson has been an exciting new musical adventure. If you don't love music when you walk in, you're bound to love it when you walk out. Going to her studio is like going to a musical library full of CDs, DVDs, books and magazines to learn from. She has had an answer to every musical question I could think up and has a way of teaching complicated stuff to very simple minds. I have sat in for a couple of my 8 year old brother's lessons and was in awe at the way she could teach. She makes me want to teach!”

“Ellen has enhanced my playing to a whole new level and has given me a greater appreciation for music in general. She has also involved me with putting together sets for a local public radio show called Mandoscapes, which has given me the opportunity to listen and learn from to a ton of incredible CDs. I would have to say Ellen is one the kindest, most fun-loving, brilliant musicians I know. No one should miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best musicians and teachers in northern Colorado area."

— Rachel Hartman, Mandolinist, Hartman Family Band

“There are days I cannot get a song out of my head and I know I have to learn how it is done or die trying. Fortunately I have found a savior and in one lesson she can break that tune down, show me how it works on the guitar and give me several pages of tab to take home. Ellen Audley is that musical savior. She is a master at bringing a tune from disc to paper and into my fingers. At my lesson she takes me through the details of fingerstyle guitar music and in the process I learn that I can also make those chords, fingerings, and songs come out of my guitar.”

“We have worked through a range of fingerstyle blues, rags and spirituals in a variety of standard and alternate tunings. Ellen has introduced me to a ‘high strung guitar’ tuning that has added depth and excitement to my playing with a local band.”

“In short, I have come to realize that she is not only teaching me those tunes I bring her but she is teaching me the techniques and magic that performing artists use so freely. I am honored to be one of her music students and for that I recommend Ellen to anyone seeking direction and skill.”

— Michael Tupa, Guitar Student

“When I started taking mandolin lessons from Ellen more than four years ago, I had no desire to learn to read music, but rather just wanted to learn the basics and to be able to “pick tunes”. Through Ellen’s unique teaching style I discovered that learning to read music isn't as hard as I thought and I actually picked it up quite quickly. I can now enjoy hours of paging through music books playing song after song — just like reading a book.”

— Jeff Maust, Mandolin Student

“Ellen has introduced me to so many styles of mandolin music, from lively Celtic jigs and reels to passionate Brazilian choros, from humble American folk songs to intricate European classical works, from catchy jazz standards to unusually-metered contemporary pieces, and the list just keeps growing. Somehow she works in solid fingering technique and music theory, too. Every lesson is a journey through sound.”

— Melia Brush, Mandolin Student

“I’m an older learner. Newly retired, I just wanted to learn to play a guitar. I didn't really even know what I wanted to play. Ellen has been GREAT. Not only has she introduced me to Celtic music, which I love, she has introduced me to other songs, widened my musical horizon and has me playing in ways that surprise and delight me. My CD collection has expanded to include albums she has suggested as we explore recorded versions of songs I play.”

“I've seen all sorts of ages and genders of student coming out of her studio with smiles on their faces and I know the diversity of music style she familiar with is wide. There are lots of people who can play the guitar and there are lots of people who can teach, but Ellen can do both. If you’re looking for a music teacher…you have really hit the jackpot with her. Sign up! Magic, magic, magic!!!”

— Donna Lusby, Guitar Student

“Years ago, I was seeking the best mandolin teacher for the worst student — me! Everyone I asked told me to call Ellen Audley. Unfortunately for me, when I called she was ready to deliver her first child, so I waited and found wonderful teachers elsewhere. This scenario was repeated once more with the entry of the second of two amazing children, I waited some more. As the saying goes, ‘the best is worth the wait!’ Ellen turned out to be one of the great teachers overall in my life as well as a friend and the greatest mandolin teacher and musician and I am honored and fortunate to be one of her students!”

“The methods, illustrations, explanations, comprehensive approach to music theory for mandolin that Ellen provides around a song are always perfectly tailored to push my skill level forward. But that was never enough for one of the worst students (me), Ellen shares a joy for music that is contagious and has opened doors of understanding that gave me numerous of those sought after ‘aha’ moments and inspired me to continue to enjoy the process!”

“During the last ten years I have also been fortunate to perform on mandolin and various sound–making devices, with the poetry performance group TVS and Two Fingers, where we incorporate traditional and non-traditional instrumentation to produce textural backgrounds for original poetry. We present as many as fifty shows a year in schools and municipal organizations. Recently I was asked to accompany a group of musicians at a local church which requires using all of the skills, information and musical knowledge that Ellen has passed on to me.”

“I never would have dreamed any of this was possible when I first picked up the mandolin, but beyond my desire to just play I was guided by Ellen to learn to apply new skills and appreciate some of the history of music in the greater sense. I feel even more joy in the art of music after every lesson. Ellen is a true renaissance TEACHER!”

— Dave Zekman, Mandolin Student

“I have known and played music with Ellen Audley for over forty years. The world is full of musicians; few are more committed than Ellen. Her keen ear, her deep musical curiosity and her patient, supportive nature make her uniquely suited to teaching.”

“Ellen has been my guitar instructor for 6 and a half years. We have worked on pieces by Joseph Spence, Ry Cooder, Pat Donohue, Tommy Emmanuel, as well as Jorma Kaukonen, Blind Blake, and Stevie Wonder.”

“For the past year we have been working on jazz standards like Autumn Leaves, Almost Like Being in Love, Desifinado (Jobim) and All of Me. There is no piece of music that Ellen cannot teach! Through her encouragement and instruction, Ellen has given me the opportunity to take each piece she has taught and make it my own. Her instruction has also led me to begin writing pieces of my own.”

“Even as she teaches, Ellen continues to hone her skills through her studies with the great Dale Bruning. Dale studied with Dennis Sandole and taught Tim O’Brien, Pat Donohue, and Bill Frisell. (Dennis Sandole was one of John Coltrane’s teachers). I love knowing that when I study with Ellen, I am connected indirectly to a fraternity of players who have spent their lives in pursuit of guitar excellence. Ellen’s work with Dale Bruning benefits all of her students.”

“My guitar lessons are a high point of my week. I look forward to continuing for many years. I recommend Ellen Audley for young or old, beginning or advanced. She is a terrific teacher.”

— Skip Cecil, Guitar Student and Owner of Cecil Piano, Tuning Repair and Restoration


“I Love Ellen! This is my fourth year taking lessons from Ellen, and still each one excites me. I come home fully pumped to practice. Often I find myself taken away by our newest project. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and center…to play a song that’s an old friend. I believe the word to sum up our lessons is INSPIRING. I feel with her I can really focus on what I am interested in learning, and she knows how to teach it all so well! It’s awesome because when I find something new to work on she always has something extra to add to it; some sort of inside already acquired brilliant knowledge of it.”

“She completely supports my ever-changing interests. I think we have pretty much covered everything from bluegrass, rock, jazz, classical, seasonal, Spanish, to African. We explore the songs we work on, the technique and history that went into writing them, and overall how to personalize them. My eventual goal is to build up a repertoire of music that I enjoy playing and play well. I’m on my way!”

“And besides the musical piece of our lessons, I just honestly love spending time with Ellen. I consider her to be a close friend; someone who I enjoy bouncing ideas off of and making a vital part of my life. She fills me up, and that’s that.”

— Stephanie Lacy, Guitar Student, High School senior

“Mrs. Audley is always fun! She's sweet like the ice cream we eat at  lessons. C'mon, not every teacher does that!”

— Erin Howe, Home-School High School student

“In taking mandolin lessons from Ellen, I have not only improved my playing and expanded my musical horizons, but have also become engaged in a community of good-hearted, good-timing folks who all share a common passion for music, art and enjoying life. I'd say that just about sums it up!”

— Jonathan Thomas, Mandolin Student

“I love going to Ellen's for music because I get to go and be excited about songs I get to choose. I have been to previous music teachers and they have told me what i had to play and they forced me to practice and would get mad if I didn't.”

“At Ellen's I am able to show up having missed a day of two of practice not worrying that she will be mad. I like that because it is practicing on my own time and not being forced, and I can learn what I want and be more motivated to practice since it’s what I want to learn. I like that Ellen is one of the nicest and most forgiving people I know and she will always push me to be a better musician but in a kind and loving way that I accept. Ellen is amazing. All I can say is thanks so much for all the time she has put into helping me!”

— Kaleb Walton, High School freshman

“Ellen has been a joy to learn from. I came in just wanting to play some basic songs for myself on the back porch, but now I'm able to play with others, play in front of small groups, or impress my friends and family. I'm learning all kinds of new music, picking songs off of the Internet and having Ellen help me figure out the intricacies of each song perfectly.”

“I've exceeded all of my expectations by being able to play new songs at will, and play dozens of favorites well. I've learned techniques and tricks that I never imagined I'd be able to accomplish. I've learned music and stories I would never have been exposed to elsewhere, and have willingly expanded my creative horizons due to Ellen's special kind of encouragement.”

“Ellen made the learning easy and fun, and was able to accommodate my varied and changing tastes in music. She kept it informal so I always felt comfortable learning at my own pace.”

— Mark Richtermeyer, Guitar Student, President and CEO, The Spitfire Group

“The number one thing about taking lessons from Ellen is that I always look forward to every lesson.”

“This may sound like a simple statement, but this is coming from someone who growing up, dreaded attending my classical bass lessons. I switched to mandolin to play a more melodic instrument and for the first couple years taught myself. Realizing I was going nowhere slowly, I decided to find a teacher and Ellen was the first I tried and I've never left. Since I started lessons with her a year ago, I've learned to see the instrument and the music I play from many new perspectives. Each lesson is unique and takes a different approach at the many aspects of learning an instrument. She listens to what you want to learn and helps to give you the insight to understand it. The best thing is, I leave each lesson having learned something new and feeling a little happier.”

“Honestly, I feel honored to be taking lessons from such a great teacher.”

— Mark Machacek, Mandolin Student

“Ellen Audley has been my friend and favorite person to play music with for almost as long as I've been in Fort Collins (30 years). She is a deep and creative musician who can play just about anything in just about any style, on both mandolin and guitar. She knows stringed instruments, believe me, and it wouldn't surprise me to find out she has become a great piano or trumpet player, either.”

“Ellen can improvise in many styles. Improvising is “instant composing,’ so you have to know your stuff to even be competent, and Ellen is way more than that. Musicians talk about ‘good ears,’ and Ellen has the best ears I know of.”

“So what could be better than having good ears, deep musical knowledge and intuitiveness, and wonderful technique? Well, maybe this one thing: Ellen has the gift of being able to teach what she knows to people of all ages and abilities, with patience and sensitivity.”

“After all these years, I still learn something every time I sit down to play with Ellen. And if you or someone you care about has ever had an urge to pluck a stringed instrument, you could do a whole lot worse than call Ellen Audley right now.”

“It could change your life.”

— Neil Shropshire, Guitar Player, Songwriter, Home Studio Recordist

“Working with Ellen is a treat. Ellen can sense what you are ready to learn and will teach it in a way that leaves you excited to try it out rather than overwhelmed. She gives you what you want, in a way that you can take it in and use it. She helps you grow musically, through the music that you want to play.”

“Wherever you are, Ellen can help you break through to the next level of musicianship. Every time we sit down with Ellen, we come away with a powerful new musical idea. We feel like someone has opened a musical door and ushered us in.”

— Fran Rivkin and Isabel Eccles, Classical mandolinists, Enigmatica

“I came to Ellen late in life.”

“For my 51st birthday my wife gave me a guitar. I had no idea how to play it. Luckily she also gave me a certificate for a few meetings with Ellen.”

“At out first meeting I explained that I was possibly getting too old for motocross, my favorite source of transcendental flow, and I was looking at guitar as a possible replacement. To my surprise she understood exactly what I was talking about. I played her a disc of some of my favorite music. She listened. I held the guitar in my hands. She watched. Then she seemed to know just where to begin. Ellen made the transition from motocross to guitar a fun adventure. I went the entire of last year without even touching my motocross bike. Playing my guitar is now the most flow I've experienced without wearing body armor!”

“Last week I brought in a recording of an amazing little piece of music that I'd heard. It sounded like three guitars playing at once. She listened to the music then picked up her guitar and played it. Then she taught me how to do it.”

“Her gift for decoding music is supernatural, while her ability to connect with students of all levels is superhuman. It’s a rare combination. I think of Ellen as “Guitar Yoda,” but most importantly, I call her “my friend” ”.

“Ellen is now also teaching my son and daughter how to become one with ‘the force.’”

— Sam Cooper, Sam Cooper design

“I was referred to Ellen by my good friend, Greg, who had been taking guitar lessons with Ellen (and then later began studying mandolin as well). I told Greg that my 15-year old son Alex wanted to start taking guitar lessons again... The first try wasn't so great — he wanted to learn to play the guitar and have fun, but instead he was told to go out and buy a method book. Needless to say, that didn't last too long.”

“I was afraid that Alex would be turned off by that first experience with lessons, but he really liked playing guitar and kept on playing on his own. A few months later, he let me know that he was ready to try the ‘lesson thing’ again. Fortunately, Greg pointed us in the right direction this time. Since Alex started back, now with Ellen, he has been having fun, as he is now learning how to play the guitar by playing the songs he likes, the songs he wants to play.”

“Sounds like a happy ending? But wait, there's more... I also have a song or two that I want to learn how to play. I can't let Alex have all the fun, can I? (I started playing guitar about the same age Alex started, but haven't kept up that much in the past 20 years). So I chose something really challenging: How about an obscure Pat Metheney song which requires a non-standard tuning and was recorded on a the baritone guitar??? Now that should be enough to stump Ellen, right??? Wrong! She figured it out — and I was on my way. I never would have gotten past the first measure had I not had recourse to Ellen and her incredible (gifted) skill of taking a recording and penciling out the chords, notes, etc. within a 30-minute lesson!”

“OK, to be honest, we didn't get the whole song done in one lesson — in fact, I'll need to return a few more times to get the entire song under my belt, but that's OK because I'm having fun, and learning. Just like Alex! And when I stop to take a break and rest my fingers, I hear more guitar music coming from the basement where Alex is *not* taking a break, continuing on with the latest AC-DC or GNR song that he learned from Ellen at his last lesson.”

— Guy Verbest, student and parent of student

What Parents Say:

"Ellen Audley was the perfect teacher for our son, Thad. She quickly built a strong teacher/student relationship with him that was fun and warm, but she was still able to place strong expectations on him to learn and develop great skill. Ellen went out of her way to discover Thad's strengths and interests as a player and she consistently provided opportunities for him to grow in his playing. She even found ways for him to be stretched in his performance. Here's what is most important to me — Ellen clearly liked Thad and believed in him. She became an important part of his life and development not only as a guitar player who loves music, but as a young man as well. She's a great teacher and an even better person."

— Brent Bromstrup, Parent of guitarist Thad Bromstrup

“Initially when we selected a teacher for our boys we inquired from friends about teachers that might be available and who the best might be. Ellen Audley came highly recommended and was recognized by most as the premier mandolin instructor in Fort Collins. Ellen has not let us down. She is patient with our boys and allows them to learn at a pace that encourages their interest yet challenges them musically.”

“When our boys want to change directions and try something new Ellen quickly facilitates the new interests and always makes the experience enjoyable. The smile on Ellen's face is a testimony of the genuine love she has for teaching, it remains throughout each lesson and increases even more when the boys grasp a difficult concept, whether in music theory or practice.”

“We seldom have to ask our boys if they're practicing, they now enjoy playing on their instruments just for the fun of creating music. Our boys now switch from mandolin to electric and acoustic guitar and Ellen's teaching style seems to flow with their whimsical inclinations.”

“We're always amazed when we go out of town one of the first things they worry about is missing their music lessons with Ellen. She has become a good friend to our children and family and we have recommended her many times to friends in search of a mandolin or guitar instructor.”

— With fond appreciation, The Walton Family

“I have a 12-year-old son that takes mandolin lessons from Ellen Audley. I could just tell you that Ellen is a good music teacher. But it would be like saying Einstein was pretty good at math. At the end of a 30 minute lesson my son has: enjoyed the company of a good friend, decompressed after a tough day of school, accomplished something important, built confidence following the guidance of an experienced mentor, laughed lots, tried something he has never done before, screwed something up and didn't feel like a failure, and, oh yeah, squeezed in a ton of music ta'boot.”

“Years ago, I tried teaching my kids to play. It was going poorly. I was frustrated and so were they. I called Ellen in despair asking her what to do. Here is what I heard. Learning music, especially for kids, is more like exploring a wilderness than anything else. There is so much to discover so many textures and fields and edges — so much room to roam. As a player, I have a pretty good idea of what that wilderness looks like. What I didn't have was any experience telling a newcomer how to find their way through it.”

“Ellen has taught hundreds of people over decades. She has seen it all and none of the concerns I expressed about my kids playing worried her. ‘That's pretty normal, John.’ She said that several times for emphasis, I think. My favorite thing that she told me was this; ‘It might seem like they're not getting something right off. But there is so much going on in them, and this is so complex. Kids have a sneaky way of absorbing things. Sometimes it will just pop out of them when you least expect it. Boy, it's fun when that happens.’ That's when I got my son onto Ellen's waiting list. I have never looked back.”

“My son's testimonial is better than mine. On the way to mandolin lesson, one day, my son said to me that he really loves Mondays. No matter what happens during the day or how tough school is, he knows that he gets to go to his mandolin lesson with Ellen. Wow.”

— John Carr, Celtic fiddler, Parent of Erik Carr

“It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial letter on behalf of Ellen Audley. My son, Jarrod, has been a guitarist for years. One year he asked for a mandolin for Christmas. His intent was to use his knowledge of the guitar to teach himself to play the mandolin. That didn't work out so he asked me if he could take mandolin lessons. I asked around about mandolin teachers and was given Ellen’s name.”

“When I first called Ellen I got her answering machine. Her message said ‘I love to teach and I would love to talk to you.’ The minute I heard that sentence, I decided that I would take Jarrod to work with Ellen. What a blessing she has been to him. When Jarrod first started taking mandolin lessons he was only 15 so I drove him to and from her studio. I would stay for the lesson most of the time, so I had first hand knowledge of Ellen’s teaching style and all of the extra effort she put into teaching Jarrod.”

“One thing led to another and Jarrod and Ellen began to explore jazz music together. Jarrod has been to two jazz music summer band camps at UNC. He played in the jazz bands at Boltz Junior High and Fort Collins High School and was named outstanding jazz musician at both schools. He was also chosen to participate as a Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra All Star last summer and was chosen as an alternate to the All State Jazz Band last year at FCHS.

“If you are lucky, your living room might begin to look like ours. It is the ‘practice studio’ for Swear By This, the rock band that Jarrod and his identical twin brother, Adam, play in. Last summer Swear By This recorded a five song EP. They were voted one of the best local bands (third place) in a 93.3 radio station contest. As such, they were able to play at Coors Amphitheater (on a temporary stage) before the 93.3 Big Gig. Jarrod and Adam will head to <abbr>UCD</abbr> in the fall. Jarrod will major in guitar performance and Adam will major in percussion performance. We are blessed with live music all the time at our house.”

“Jarrod and Ellen spent a great deal of time reading music and working on music theory. Both of these skills have been very beneficial to him as he prepared for his college audition. Jarrod took AP Music Theory as a junior at Fort Collins High and scored a 5 out of 5 on the AP Music Theory test. He will skip right to Music Theory 2 in college. Ellen has even invited Jarrod to go along to her own jazz lessons with Dale Bruning, an internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist.”

“I truly can not think of enough good words to describe Ellen Audley, both as a person and as a teacher. Her knowledge of music styles, songs, history, theory and playing skill are unparalleled. She truly does love to teach. She has truly loved Jarrod and has taken a sincere interest in his progress and his future career. Ellen Audley has my highest recommendation to you.”

— Julie Barraza, Parent of guitarist Jarrod Barraza

“When Ellen enrolled at CSU as a freshman, she chose Music Therapy as her major. After a year and a half, she decided that was not turning out as she had hoped. She traveled a lot, and worked in restaurants for a while before deciding to go to the Culinary Institute of America. After many years she started giving music lessons and is back to a situation similar to Music Therapy. I think helping people through music was always the right thing for her and now’s the right time.”

— Virginia Thompson, Ellen’s Mom




“Ellen is musical to the core and a swell person to boot!”
— Neil, Guitar Buddy


“In taking mandolin lessons from Ellen, I have not only improved my playing and expanded my musical horizons, but have also become engaged in a community of good-hearted, good-timing folks who all share a common passion for music, art and enjoying life...”
— Jonathan Thomas, Mandolin Student



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“...We're always amazed when we go out of town one of the first things they worry about is missing their music lessons with Ellen.”
— Tal and Nikki Walton


"...Every lesson is a journey through sound.“
— Melia Brush


“Ellen is a ‘rock star’ when it comes to teaching!”
— Jay Harlan, Guitar Student


“...I think helping people through music was always the right thing for Ellen and now’s the right time.”
— Virginia Thompson, Ellen’s Mom