Online Learning...

My focus in teaching is providing and directing you to information and instruction tailored to fit where you are with where you want to go musically. We’ll work together in whatever style you learn best, supported by a combination of printed resources that help you the most, whether it be standard notation, tablature, chord pictures and charts.

I’m currently working with former students or people I know who live out-of-state, to develop online lessons. We're using webcams and Skype for the face-to-face part of a lesson. I provide information in a variety of Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Reader and mp3 formats. I'm exploring web-based instruction (you'd access documents that I provide a link and password for). The support materials can be delivered before and/or after the lesson to prepare you for the lesson, or summarize the lesson as the situation suggests. Worksheets and/or listening assignments can be developed to prepare you for the next lesson.

We live in a wonderful time, where learning music is supported by a wealth of great books, magazines, music web sites, free online resources and lessons, amazing DVDs and YouTube. We can listen to informative radio programs from all over the world. Festivals, music camps, jams, blogs and listservs allow us to share information and participate in rewarding experiences. A multi-faceted approach is an amazing, flexible and effective way to enjoy learning music.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to explore the option of studying with me online.